When Whispering Dog founder, Amy Zackowski was finishing up her BA in Graphic Design at the University of North Florida, one of the final projects assigned by her professors was to create a corporate identity for a “make believe” company. At the time her family dog, named Ridge, could whisper! Ridge’s mad skills started out as, basically, an inability to bark... and while over the years, he mastered the art of barking like a normal dog, he retained the ability to alter the volume of his “speaking” all the way down to a whisper. His little trick was so fascinating that it even got him an audition on the David Letterman Show! Since the auditions were at UNF, plenty of folks met Ridge and were in love with his whisper. So, as a joke, Amy created the identity for Whispering Dog Design. Everyone who heard the name loved it. Knowing her plan was to run her own design firm one day, Amy decided to keep the name... 20 years later folks are still inquiring about the Whispering Dog!

No... The dog we use on our company collateral is actually not Ridge. It’s actually not one of Amy’s dogs at all. The use of that particular photo, though, was inspired by the use of Amy’s “first born”, a black lab named Otter, on almost all of the early Whispering Dog Design collateral. Otter really was the “best dog ever.” He learned to whisper as a puppy, like any good mascot would, and was usually working right alongside Amy for the first 10 years of Whispering Dog Design. Our clients enjoyed seeing him on all of our promotional material. Otter’s modeling years expired, though, before new technology brought us the quality of photography available today. Now, there is an entire pack of whispering dogs - all without whispering ability - to be found outside the office at any given moment, so keep an eye on our facebook page for their occasional cameo appearances.

When our clients are happy, we’re happy! That’s why Whispering Dog Design strives to be the best in town... but just because you don’t live in our town doesn’t mean we can’t help you with your project! Our clients are based all over the United States and we rarely require face to face meetings - even with our local folks. Our web based project management system helps our clients be a part of the creative process all along the way.